New Ban On Foreigners In The Philippines

Picture Honda Bay, Palawan, Philippines credit Ray in Manila on flickr

Another surge in Covid-19 cases in the Philippines has led to the government banning the entry of foreign nationals and some nationals.

Only oversees Filipino workers and medical workers will now be allowed entry until the restrictions are lifted. There is some disagreement in media outlets when the restrictions will begin, some say 18th others 20th March. It is clear that they are due to last until at least 19th April.

As part of the restrictions a cap of 1,500 passengers per day arriving at Manila International Airport has been implemented.

The Manila region has imposed a two-week curfew and ordered anyone under the age of 18 to stay indoors.

The Philippines health minister has also warned that a wider lockdown cannot be ruled out if cases continue to rise.

“If nothing changes and cases continue to rise, then the possibility of a more widespread lockdown is strong.”

Fransisco Duque, Philippine Health Secretary

The Philippines have now recorded 635,698 cases of Covid-19 including an additional 4,387 in the last 24 hours. The country has also seen 12,866 deaths.

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