End Of Quarantine In Phuket

Long-tail boats in Phuket, Thailand credit Jakob Owens on Unsplash

The Bangkok Post is reporting that foreign visitors will be allowed to visit Phuket without the need to quarantine from 1st July.

The news will be a massive boost for the hard-hit tourism industry on the island as well as for tourists from around the world keen to visit the country again.

Health authorities in Phuket are planning on acquiring 930,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine prior to reopening to ensure that residents remain safe.

“Phuket has been without any new Covid-19 cases for 89 days… There is in urgent need for foreign tourists here, to stimulate the economy and tourism sector.”

Pichet Panapong, Deputy Governor of phuket

The plan has been approved by the provincial infectious diseases committee but would need approval from the Thai government before commencing.

The news comes just a day after the Thai government confirmed that quarantine would be reduced to 10 days from 1st April and plans from Koh Samui to be the first area in Thailand to reopen.

Phuket has around 600 hotels and 120,000 rooms, many of which have been empty for much of the pandemic despite efforts to increase domestic tourism.

The closure has caused financial problems for many business owners and workers in the tourism industry.

“Before, a local resident earned about 40,000 baht per month on average. In February this fell to about 8,000 baht. Without some change, this will fall to 1,964 baht in July, which is below the poverty line.”

Pichet Panapong, Deputy Governor of phuket

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