Phuket Quarantine Ends From July

Picture Phuket, Thailand credit Arkady Akashov on Unsplash

Earlier this week we reported on rumours that Phuket was hoping to end quarantine for foreign arrivals from July. Today the Thai government has confirmed the plan.

In the first confirmed end to quarantine in the country, foreign tourists who have been vaccinated will be able to visit and travel freely throughout Phuket from 1st July.

The plans depend on the significant numbers of the local population being inoculated against Covid-19 before the end of June.

“If we can inoculate 50% to 60% of the population we can open the country safely and move the economy and tourism forward.”

Kiattiphum Wongraijit, Thai Senior Health Official

Plans are in place to extend the quarantine-free travel scheme from October if everything goes well in Phuket although it may initially be restricted to key tourism areas.

Earlier this week Thailand also confirmed the reduction in the quarantine period from 1st April.

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