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The Bangkok Post are reporting that the Thai Tourism and Sports Ministry is considering offering free provincial flights to foreign tourists.

The move is intended to take advantage of the upcoming quarantine-free status in Phuket from 1st July. It is hoped that tourists will visit other areas of Thailand following their initial stay in Phuket and hopefully extend their stay further in the country.

“From July 1 inoculated tourists exempt from quarantine might be tempted to extend their stay here after spending 10 days in Phuket, if we can provide them free or discounted air tickets to other provinces.”

Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, Thai Tourism and Sports Minister

Discussions are believed to have already taken place with Bangkok Airways with hopes that the initiative could help to attract 100,000 foreign tourists in the first three months of the Phuket scheme.

July and August are monsoon season in Phuket and it is thought that the scheme would appeal to travellers who would then be able to travel to other areas, for example Koh Samui, where the weather is likely to be more attractive to tourists.

We wait and see if the free flight proposal is approved.

Sandbox Concerns

From October five more provinces are scheduled to join the quarantine-free sandbox scheme. Concerns continue to be raised that the scheme may fail without the inclusion of Bangkok.

“The six tourism provinces in the planned sandbox plus Bangkok generate 80% of tourism revenue. Bangkok should be the next destination added, with a goal to administer 20 million doses by September to ensure a safe reopening for both tourists and local communities.”

phipat Ratchakitprakarn, Thai Tourism and Sports Minister

The other five provinces inccluded in the plan are Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Krabi, Pattaya and Phangnga.

Airline Vaccination Programme

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand announced earlier this week that a vaccination programme for airline employees would begin soon.

It is hoped that the programme will strengthen confidence in travellers to use the airlines.

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