Latest Southeast Asia Covid Situation

Many countries within Southeast Asia continue to struggle to contain the Covid-19 pandemic as new outbreaks pop up throughout the region.

The Philippines and Indonesia are the countries hardest hit by the pandemic and cases and deaths continue to rise.


The Philippines are especially hit hard with more than 11,000 new cases reported today and a further 204 deaths.

According to reports coming out of the country most hospitals are full and makeshift tents have been erected for patients waiting to be admitted to the hospital.

The country is also struggling to roll-out the vaccination programme with problems with supply and also concerns about their effectiveness against mutated strains.

Despite this lockdowns in Manila and four adjacent provinces have been eased from today. Manila, Bulacan, Rizal, Laguna and Cavite have been placed under a less restrictive community quarantine status until 30th April.


Indonesia have been impacted the most by the pandemic and have so far recorded more than 1.5 million cases and 42,656 deaths.

A new travel ban has been announced over the upcoming Eid al-Fitr celebrations to try and prevent large-scale transmission of Covid-19.


Malaysia continues to see daily increases in cases in excess of a thousand with a number of new clusters appearing in the last few days.

Travel restrictions remain in place for much of the country although some regions have eased slightly.


Thailand is seeing its worst outbreak throughout the pandemic with daily cases approaching 1,000.

The latest outbreak began at the start of the month and the fast spread is being put down to the prevalence of mutated strains especially the UK variant which is believed to have entered the country from Cambodia.

The upcoming Songkran celebrations raise fears that the outbreak could spread further.


Although numbers are relatively low concerns continue in Cambodia over the spread of the virus. Schools and public buildings have been closed in Phnom Penh and other areas of the country and Angkor Wat is closed to tourists to reduce the spread.


Cases in Singapore continue to be low, generally less than 50 new cases per day, with no new deaths in a few months.

Vietnam continues its strict lockdown procedures with any new cases which have been few and far between over the last few weeks.

The situation in Myanmar is uncertain due to the recent coup and ongoing troubles in the country.

Cases in Laos, Brunei and Timor continue to be low although numbers in Timor have increased over the last few weeks but are still under a 1,000 for the whole pandemic.

Latest Southeast Asia Covid-19 Figures

CountryCases (increase)RecoveredDeaths (increase)
Indonesia1,571,824 (+4,829)1,419,79642,656 (+126)
Philippines876,225 (+11,378)703,62515,149 (+204)
Malaysia362,173 (+1,317)345,0051,333 (+4)
Myanmar142,576 131,8533,206
Singapore60,678 (+25)60,33530 (+0)
Thailand33,610 (+985)28,24897 (+0)
Cambodia4,515 (+277)2,21230 (+1)
Vietnam2,693 2,42935 (+0)
Brunei219 (+0)2063 (+0)
Laos52 (+1)490
South East Asia3,055,512 (+18,812)2,694,20162,540 (+335)
South-East Asia Covid-19 Cases

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