Phuket Save The Sea Project

Earlier this month the Phuket office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phuket organised a tourism event to promote conservation of natural marine resources.

The event, titled “Phuket – Save the Sea Project” was aimed at dive operators and tourists and was designed to also enhance the image of Phuket as one of Thailand’s best dive destinations.

The two-day event took place at Kata Beach and involved a wide range of partners, including local artists, to engage and promote the event.

“Voluntourism is gaining popularity among domestic tourists, especially towards conservation of natural resources and the environment. This is particularly so for ocean cleanup activities, as it allows the opportunity to tale part in voluntourism, while indulging in the natural wonders of the underwater world. We expect that this ‘Phuket – Save the Sea Project’ event would inspire more responsible tourism and enhance awareness of dive operators in Phuket among domestic tourists.”

Ms. Nantasiri Ranasiri, Director of TAT Phuket Office

The programme featured several activities to promote the conservation of natural marine resources, including Collect Trash If You Can, Set Me Free (Diving), Beach Guardians and Their Ice-Cream, Sea and Sky Exhibition, a workshop by local artists, KATA Night Dive and an Underwater Shooting Marathon.

Phuket Save The Sea Project
Phuket Save The Sea Project

The Underwater Photo Marathon showcased unique photography focusing on tackling the problem of marine litter in the Andaman Sea, rather than capturing beautiful images of colourful coral reefs and marine ecosystems.

Meanwhile, the workshop by local artists included the Trash and Art by Seasail, Trashure, and Ocean Blue Tree. The latter showcased how to upcycle plastic bottle caps into a keychain.

Phuket Save The Sea Project
Phuket Save The Sea Project

The event also included entertainment and inspiring performances; such as, beach music by DJ K-Han Chaan and DJ Alexander Kools, folktales on sea conservation through Thai marionette and Nang Talung puppetry shows, and music concerts by Thai bands.

The initiative is part of the continuing efforts by TAT to promote responsible tourism.

*All photos are courtesy of TAT Phuket Office

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