Proposals Submitted For Vietnam Vaccine Passport

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Quang Nam province, which includes the famous town of Hoi An, has submitted plans for the return of vaccinated tourists to the area.

The plan, if approved, would mean that the area would become the first part of Vietnam to welcome foreign tourists.

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Vietnam Vaccine Passport Plans

The draft plan would allow foreign tourists with proof of Covid vaccination “Vaccine Passport” plus a negative Covid-19 test result as part of organised tours. It has been sent to the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for approval.

They would then need to stay in two cordoned off resorts and would be escorted when visiting areas outside of the resorts. The tourists would arrive on a charter flight at Chu Lai Airport and be taken straight to resorts in Duy Xuyen District or Nui Thanh District.

“We plan to welcome South Korean visitors in the first phase. We will learn from the experience, and in the second phase, we can open to more markets.”

Le Tri Thanh, Chairman of Quang Nam Province

The two resorts identified were isolated from other areas and all staff would be vaccinated prior to the arrival of tourists.

The plan of a wider pilot plan that aims to start welcoming small numbers of foreign tourists initially from South Korea.

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