Plans For Direct Flights Between Vietnam And USA

Bamboo Airways plane credit Melvinnnnnnnn on flickr

The ambitious expansion plans of Bamboo Airways conitue following news that it is planning on flying to San Francisco from September.

We recently reported that the Hanoi based airline had secured potentially lucrative landing slots at Heathrow Airport in London, adding to plans for direct flights to Frankfort and Munich in Germany and Prague in the Czech Republic.

Plans for San Francisco include an initial three flights per week using Boeing 787 Dreamliners on the 11,750km route.

Last week Trinh Van Quyet, Bamboo Airways Chairman, confirmed that the airline also wanted to begin direct flights to Australia and Japan.

Despite the lack of direct flights, the US was the fifth largest inbound market prior to the pandemic as more than 700,000 Americans entered the country each year.

Source: Simple Flying

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