Thai Hotels Closing During Low Season

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The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is forcing many hotels in Thailand to consider closing for the traditionally quieter months from April to October.

The latest Covid outbreak in the country has seen the highest number of daily cases since the pandemic began and has spread to many provinces throughout the country.

Thailand today reported a further 1,458 cases and 2 deaths. There have now been 46,643 confirmed cases and 110 deaths in the country.

The “We Travel Together” and “Tour Teaw Thai” schemes were due to help boost domestic tourism from May but it is now uncertain if they will go ahead due to travel restrictions between provinces and the closure of many entertainment businesses to help curb the virus.

The planned end to quarantine for vaccinated travellers for visitors to Phuket from July is also under threat.

Poor demand, which is expected to fall below 10% occupancy, is forcing many hotels, especially those not affiliated to chains, to consider closing until demand increases. The next two weeks are likely to be critical in hotel decision making.

Hotels have been forced to undertake a number of cost-cutting measures to survive since the start of the pandemic. Measures include laying off staff, unpaid leave, compulsory annual leave, salary cuts, alternative working schedules, reduction in working hours and paying 75% of the employee’s salary to protect jobs.

The vaccination programme for tourism has again been stated as key for the survival of many companies in the sector.

“The government has to speed up vaccines for people employed in tourism, especially hotel staff, and those working in hospitals serving non-critical or asymptomatic patients, alternative state and state quarantines.”

Marisa Sukosol Nunbhakdi, President Thai Hotels Association

Source: Bangkok Post

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