Vietnam Vaccine Passport Plans Under Fire

Last week we reported that Quang Nam Province had submitted proposals to the Vietnamese government to allow vaccinated foreign travellers to the region.

However the proposals have had a mixed response and many believe that allowing tourists into cordoned off resorts under heavy supervision is not the correct approach.

Pham Trung Luong, the former head of the Hanoi-based Institute for Tourism Development Research, has said that Vietnam should enter negotiations with key countries to agree procedures for vaccine recognition and testing standards.

He also warned that allowing foreign tourists into the country before Vietnam had achieved herd immunity, often described as at least 70% of adults being vaccinated. Although the country is progressing with its vaccine programme it will be 2022 before that is likely to be achieved.

“Currently, countries around the world are using many different Covid-19 vaccines with different testing procedures, so it is necessary to ensure that these certificates are suitable to Vietnam. The nation also needs to build a system to detect fake vaccine passports, which are cropping up in some countries.”

“While herd immunity not yet achieved, potential Covid-19 outbreaks are more likely, even when hosting foreign tourists in cordoned off areas.”

Pham Trung Luong, Associate Professor

Phan Xuan Thanh, president of the Quang Nam Tourism Association, thinks that that the cordon approach is essential for the Vietnamese tourism industry.

“This is a competition and if we do not take the initiative, we will lag behind other countries.”

“Foreign tourists will stay in a separate area, just play golf or use tourism services there and would not travel to other localities.”

Phan Xuan Thanh, President of the Quang Nam Tourism Association,

Dinh Hai, former director of the Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, supports this view stating that the province is ideally situated to welcome foreign travellers with secluded resorts identified near Da Nang.

Under the plan all staff at the resorts would need to be fully vaccinated. Travellers would need to be fully vaccinated and would also be tested for the virus. They would be restricted to hotel facilities and certain other, controlled, activities during their stay.

Source: VNExpress

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