Wildlife Return To Tourist Free Thailand Seas

A Dunong feeding on seagrass credit flickker photos on flickr

A rare sighting of around 30 Dugongs has been reported off the coast of a Thai island.

The Marine National Park Operation Center No.3 were undertaking regular patrols off the Koh Libong islands when they spotted the animals who were feeding on seagrass without the fear of being disturbed by tourist boats.

The seagrass beds are in a better condition than usual due to the massive reduction in fishing and tourist boats during the pandemic.

Drone footage of Dunongs yesterday credit Marine National Park Operation Center No.3
Dunong credit Michael Coghlan

The latest survey of Dugongs, classified as a vulnerable species and related to the manatee, in the Trang area has identified a school of 185 animals part of a nationwide population of just 261.

Recent surveys have also seen increased numbers of sea turtles and dolphins in the area.

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