Thailand and Vietnam Twitter Stories

We have found some incredible videos from Thailand and Vietnam on Twitter over the last couple of days and just had to share with you.

We have environmentally-friendly drinking straws, a whale who has learnt a nore energy efficient fishing method, two elephant stories some incredible drone footage of islands near Pattaya, a Mekong Delta environmental scheme and a Vietnamese Siamese Fighting Fish farmer.


Eco-Friendly Straws in Vietnam

Plastic waste is an increasing problem throughout the world and our rivers and oceans are becoming bombarded with waste that causes immense damage to the eco-system and is killing marine life.

Here a Vietnamese farmer is producing natural straws to replace plastic straws.

Thai Farmers Living Alongside Elephants

Elephants and farmers often find living alongside each other a difficult arrangement. In Thailand some farmers are adapting to make life for both, more amenable.

Vietnam Ethical Elephant Experience

People love elephants and experience centres have become increasingly popular.

Many of the centres however include practices that are not good for the animals including elephant riding and shows.

This Vietnamese centre is different.

Siamese Fighting Fish Farm in Vietnam

Don’t worry the fish aren’t used for fighting anymore but are raised for foreign fish enthusiasts for the aquarium.

Koh Khram Yai & Koh Khram Noi

Many people who visit Pattaya do not not venture to the many small islands a short boat trip away.

Mekong Delta Pollution Project

Many people visit Southeast Asia for the incredible wildlife and marine life that can be found.

Pollution is one reason why future generations may not be able to share these experiences. In the Mekong Delta they are working on a project to reverse that trend.

Ingenious Whale in Gulf of Thailand

Most whales swim along to catch their food. This one stays still, opens its mouth and lets the fish swim in.

We hope that you have enjoyed this round-up.

We will keep an eye out for more incredible footage and share with you soon.

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