Taiwan Travel Bubble Talks

Phu Quoc, Vietnam credit dronepicr on flickr

Taiwan is in negotiations with the governments of Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines over the creation of travel bubbles.

Chang Hsi-chung, general director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, said that representatives from each country visited Taiwan last week to discuss the moves.

It is not clear at the present time if the travel bubbles would concentrate on business interests or would include tourism within their remit.

Taiwan has been widely praised for its ability to control the pandemic and has only recorded 1,110 cases throughout the pandemic. Despite a more recent outbreak, Vietnam has also kept numbers of infections low, 2,852 to date but numbers in Malaysia and the Philippines have continued to see large numbers of new cases and deaths.

Vietnam has kept its borders firmly closed to foreign tourists since March last year and despite some calls from the tourism industry there have been few signs that restrictions would be relaxed anytime soon. Vaccine passport plans have been discussed but are not popular with everyone.

Singapore has looked at the creation of a number of travel bubbles and just yesterday announced a launch date for the long-awaited bubble with Hong Kong.

Malaysia and the Philippines are more unlikely parties to the discussions. Covid cases to date are 398,451 and 1,013,608 respectively with 1,462 and 16,916 deaths. Both countries borders have remained firmly closed to foreign tourists .

Source: VN Express

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