Sustainable Tourism Projects In Central Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam credit Andrew Magill on flickr

The province of Quang Nam in Vietnam, home to Hoi An has plans to develop additional sustainable sea and island tourism products.

Quang Nam is a province in central Vietnam, bordering Laos to the west and the sea to the east. It’s home to My Son, a complex of 4th to 13th century Hindu temple remains from the Cham empire. Coastal beaches include the wide, palm-lined Cua Dại and An Bang. The coral reefs of the rocky Chàm Islands are a protected marine park.

Quang Nam province recently submitted plans for the return of vaccinated tourists to the area. Vietnam has been closed to foreign tourists since March last year.

Vietnam Eco-Tourism Project in Da Nang

Central Square Plan for Da Nang

Hoi An is an ancient city, an UNESCO cultural heritage site and has become a top global travel destination and considered as a living museum of history and architecture.

The province is also home to Cu Lao Cham (Cham Island) which is an UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve thanks to its diverse eco-system and ancient cultural and historical sites.

The province has already seen the restoration of local coral reefs have managed to recover more 6,000 coral sections.

Plans were also recently approved for a project to protect Hoi An Town’s Cua Dai beach from erosion. The 7.5km long Cua Dai beach, has suffered severe erosion since 2000, caused by rain and storms hitting the area.

The beach, once one of the most attractive in the area has become a shadow of its former self but it is hoped that the project will restore past glories.

Source: Vietnam+ and VN Express

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