Vietnam Eco-Tourism Project In Da Nang

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The Vietnamese central city Da Nang has committed to developing Son Tra peninsula into a “high-class national ecotourism area”. The plan will ban the construction of any new accommodation projects and review existing tourism services.

The peninsula lies 10 km northeast of the city centre covers over 10,880 acres and is a popular destination for locals and tourists exploring the natural environment. It forms a natural shield for Da Nang, protecting the city from storms and cyclones.

Projects would be freshly evaluated ensuring that Son Tra would be a world-class tourist area. The evaluations would have three criteria: national security, protection of the forests and conservation of biodiversity.

The peninsula is home to more than 30km² of natural forest, 300 types of plants, many rare or endagered, spectacular fauna and wildlife.

Many visit the area for Son Tra Mountain which offers incredible views over the surrounding beaches, the Marble Mountains, Ba Na and the city itself. Sometimes called Monkey Mountain it is rare to see the animals here as many make their home deeper in the forests.

Son Tra Mountain is also home to Linh Ung – Bai But Pagoda which features the Lady Buddha statue, at 67 metres high the tallest in Vietnam although it sits on a 35 metre high base which means its true height is over 100 metres.

If you do want a better chance of seeing the wild monkeys then Son Tra Nature Reserve is for you. The forests and coastline is home to red-faced monkey, yellow monkey and the rare brown-legged langur. There are also muntjac, musk-deer, wild pig, 106 species of birds and 23 species of reptiles.

Vu Ngoc Long, a former director of the Southern Institute of Ecology has described Son Tra as a “treasure” with a closed ecosystem ranging from tropical rainforests to coastal reefs.

Source: VN Express

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