Lockdown Extended In The Philippines

El Nido, Philippines credit nennnn of flickr

The lockdown in the Philippines is being extended for an additional two-weeks until 14th May to try and curb the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

More than 25 million people will continue to face the most restrictive conditions in Manila and four nearby provinces. However the curfew in Manila has been reduced from 9 to 6 hours as businesses struggle to stay open.

The Philippines have now recorded 1,028,738 cases and 17,145 deaths from Covid-19.


The Philippine government is hoping to be able to begin the vaccination programme to the general public, those outside of priority groups, by August or September.

The country is due to receive up to 25 million doses of Covid vaccines by the end of July which should mean that all priority groups will be fully vaccinated shortly after.

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