International Airport Turned Into Covid19 Vaccination Centre

Suvarnabhumi International Airport credit Hanumann on flickr

Prior to the pandemic Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok was serving around 60 million passengers per year.

In fact the airport was creaking at the seams. It was only designed for 45 million annual passengers and plans were recently approved to increase capacity at the airport in the future.

However the pandemic has seen the number of flights dwindling each day with much of the airport quiet with few, if any, passengers.

The check-in area at the airport has now been, temporarily, converted into a vaccination centre, initially aimed at 30,000 airport staff and cabin-crew.

With around 1,000 vaccines being delivered each day, it will be the end of May before this phase is completed, although the programme may be expanded, increasing daily numbers.

Thailand has today announced increased measures in an attempt to curb the current outbreak, the worst that the country has experienced during the pandemic.

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