Southeast Asia Twitter Week In Review

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Last week we published some of our favourite, recent, Thailand and Vietnam posts on Twitter.

This week we have ploughed through content from all over Southeast Asia to find the most interesting pictures and videos.


Angkor Wat is one of the most incredible places on earth and my memories of the area are still clear now.

Here is a taste.

I didn’t find the mosquitoes to be a problem when I was in Cambodia but that was during the height of the dry season. Like in many tropical countries they continue to cause disease.

Cambodia has recently seen an increase in Covid-19 cases and many places, including Phnom Penh are in lockdown. There is always time for family in Cambodia though.


Simply beautiful.


Laos is one of the least travelled countries in the region by tourists but that does not mean it should not be on your list of future destinations. Let me whet your appetite.

Of course if you time your trip wrong you can experience heavy tropical storms throughout Southeast Asia.


Even during the height of a pandemic people will come together to rescue an escaped dog.


If these pictures don’t make you want to visit, I am not sure what will.

Earlier this week we highlighted the incredible street art on show in Singapore. It looks like the Philippines have some too.


The pandemic has seen the end of Silk Air which has now been merged into parent company, Singapore Airlines. There are still some excellent Singapore Airlines flight prices from London Heathrow as part of their latest offer.

Singapore is just a city full of skyscrapers right? Not so.


We missed this one in our Earth Day posts, but it was too good not feature.

From the beaming smile to the beautiful fruit. Wonderful pictures.

Incredible pictures from the north of Thailand looking out over Laos.


Read our article on the Hai Van pass and watch this video.

We hope you have enjoyed this round-up. We will feature more soon.

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