Malaysia Airlines Ditches A380 Amid Grim Recovery Prediction

Malaysia Airlines A380 credit Riik@mctr on flickr

Malaysia Airlines has become the latest in a growing number of Airlines to decide to retire its Airbus A380 fleet.

The twin-deck plane was hailed as the long-haul plane of the future when it was launched but has quickly found itself outdated as more fuel-efficient alternatives with lower emissions have become more popular.

The airline plans to fly the final routes over the coming months while it looks at disposal options. It is unclear who would want to buy or lease the aircraft however with a number on the market and few, if any, airlines looking to acquire the plane.

“We are cognizant of the challenges to sell this aeroplane, but we are still looking at ways and means to dispose of our 380 fleet. At the moment, the management is convinced that the 380 doesn’t fit the future plan.”

Captain Izham Ismail, Group Chief Executive, Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG)

It is believed that Malaysia Airlines has six Airbus A380’s in it’s fleet all of which are currently in storage.

The airline has also announced that it will start to take delivery of its Boeing 737 Max planes on order from 2024, or earlier. The full order book is now expected to be delivered within a 3 to 4 year timeframe.

The 737 Max has had a controversial and chequered past that includes a number of crashes and the worldwide grounding of the fleet while essential changes were made.

Demand To Remain Low

The airline has also presented a pessimistic appraisal of the short-term recovery of travel.

It expects worldwide air travel demand will only recover after 2023 as Covid-19 continues to spread throughout the world and the global vaccination programme meaning that many countries are struggling to obtain sufficient doses.

The airline group is looking to move away from a pure airline business and it attempting to become a global travel group and a “one-stop centre for all travel needs”.

The airline has warned that this is not an isolated problem for their business but is reflected throughout the industry.

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