Endangered Primate Released Into Wild In Vietnam

Forest rangers transport a red shanked douc langur to Bach Ma National Park in Vietnam. Credit VN Express / Cong Bang

A critically endangered red-shanked langur douc (sometimes referred to as brown-shanked) has been released back into the wild in central Vietnam.

The monkey was found by a local resident near Ta Trach Lake, who contacted forest rangers to help in the rescue. The area is not a suitable habitat for the primate.

The park rangers examined the douc and decided that it was in good health and fit to be released into a more suitable area.

The rangers released the monkey into Bach Ma National Park which covers 37.500 hectares of mostly evergreen tropical and subtropical rainforest. The park has more than 1,700 animal species, 7% of all species in Vietnam. 69 species found in the area are named on the Red List of Threatened Species including dholes, leopards and saola.

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species lists the Red Shanked Douc Langur as critically endangered with numbers decreasing. Threats to the species include increasing housing, roads, mining, new crop species and logging.

Source: VN Express

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