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Kelimutu Sunrise credit Michael Day on flickr


Named by Portuguese colonialists in the 16th century due to the incredibly lush jungles, Flores is still a relatively quiet tourist destination.

Around 400km from its better known and much busier neighbour Bali, this Indonesian region is likely to become much more popular in the future.

Labuan Bajo is now the centre of tourism in Flores but do not let that give you the impression that it is going to be heaving with tourists, at least not yet.

Many call the town “the Bali of twenty years ago” but development is underway and it seems to be only a matter of time before the numbers of tourists increases dramatically.

Many base themselves here for the superb scuba diving available in the nearby Komodo Islands. Of course many will also visit Komodo or Rinca Islands to view the famous Komodo Dragons.

Why Visit Flores


For many the main reason for visiting the area will be a visit to view the incredible Komodo Dragon and the incredible island landscapes.

Komodo Dragon Credit Matthias Liffers on flickr

Excursions are available from Labuan Bajo who will ensure that you see all the best sights as well as making sure that you do not disturb the creatures or put yourself at risk from these animals who can be dangerous.

Scuba Diving

The other main reason for people visiting the area is for the incredible scuba diving opportunities nearby.

Clownfish credit Thomas Quine on flickr

The diving in the area are suitable for most diving experience and qualifications and are still much quieter than the busier dive sites around Bali and the Gili Islands and offer, if anything, a more diverse and colourful underwater experience.

Some of the dive sites are definitely only for the more experienced but the trip is certainly worthwhile.

Hobbit Cave

This incredible cave was only discovered in the last 20 years but soon became a significant and important archeological find.

The cave itself is within a larger cave complex and contained a number of small human skeletons were found.

Hobbit Cave, Flores, Indonesia credit Bryn Pinzgauer on flickr

The find has been controversial and there is some debate about them and about their age.

The skeletons are widely understood to be Homo Floresiensis who stood just over 1 metre (3ft 7in) tall. It is thought that they became extinct at least 50,000 years ago.


The three lakes that nestle inside the volcano are each a different colour, blue, red and green, believed to be due to the gases escaping through the lake bed.

Kelimutu credit Pierre Yves Burgi on Unsplash

The hike up the volcano is worth the trip in itself, many people though decide on an overnight camp to witness the incredible sunrise over the rim.

Padar Island

A trip to this island is worth it just for the wonderful beaches on offer, the famous pink beach is here but there are also black and white beaches.

Padar Island credit Engelbertus Vione on flickr

Try to make sure that you have time to trek through the island as well which is a wonderful trip.

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