New Malaysia Lockdown Ends Tourism Hopes

Langkawi, Malyasia credit Jay Tun on Unsplash

The Malaysian government has announced a further nationwide lockdown which has meant that any chance of an early return for foreign tourists looks remote.

Prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced yesterday that the nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO) will begin on 12th May and run until at least 7th June as the country struggles to control the latest Covid-19 infections.

Malaysia has now reported almost 450,000 cases of Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic and 1,700 deaths.

The changes also mean that the Reciprocal Green Lane between Malaysia and Singapore for business travellers has also been suspended.

Over the last few months Malaysia has sought to control outbreaks with a range of measures targeted on states and districts rather than imposing conditions nationwide. However current infections are being seen throughout the country and there are concerns that virus mutations will help spread infections faster and further if not controlled now.

“The chain of infection can only be broken with the public staying home by enforcing strict movement control.”

Muhyiddin Yassin, Malaysian Prime Minister

The MCO means that inter-district and inter-state travel is banned apart from for work purposes, medical treatments and emergencies. There are also restrictions on mass gathering, schools will close apart from for examinations. Employers will have to limit office staff to no more than 30% of normal numbers with working from home for all encouraged.

Source: TTG Asia

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