British Airways Trials Rapid Covid Test

British Airways Tailfins credit Arie Wubben on Unsplash

British Airways has become the first airline in the world to conduct a trial with a potential game changing rapid Covid test that gives results within 25 seconds.

The Pelican Covid-19 Ultra Rapid test by medical tech company Canary Global, would significantly reduce testing times, lateral flow tests, the current quickest test, take 30 minutes for tests.

The non-invasive saliva test is reported to give 98% sensitivity and 100% specificity in symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals. A sample of saliva is entered into a disposable sensor unit, shake and insert it into a re-usable digital reader. Results are then displayed in a mobile app.

Flight and cabin crew will begin taking the test and will compare the performance of the result against existing tests that they are already taking. 

“As we  start to see the opening up of travel we remain committed to exploring easy and affordable testing solutions to help our customers travel again, whether it’s for business, to reunite with family and friends or take a much-needed break abroad. We think this new ultra-rapid test is a game changer so we are delighted to work with the team at Canary to begin initial trials with our flight and cabin crew, before exploring what role it could play as a customer testing option.”

Sean Doyle, Chairman and CEO British Airways

If the test is found to be accurate, and is accepted by destinations, it would significantly reduce the time and cost of Covid-19 testing. Access to tests in some places has also been a concern as is receiving PCR test results in time for travel.

Source: Travel Daily Media

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