Singapore Travel Bubble With Hong Kong Delayed Again

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Rising cases of Covid-19 has caused yet another postponement of the travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong.

The delay of the air travel bubble (ATB) was announced this morning. The bubble was due to begin on 26th May.

Flights had sold out quickly when the latest date was announced as travellers looked forward to the easing of restrictions.

“Both sides remain strongly committed to launching the ATB safely, however, in the light of the recent increase in unlinked community cases, Singapore is unable to meet the criteria to start the Singapore-Hong Kong ATB.”

“Both sides have therefore agreed to defer the launch of the ATB to protect the health of travellers and the public in these two places.”

Singapore Ministry of Transport

Singapore today added a further 28 cases of Covid-19 to give a total of 61,613 cases and 31 deaths during the pandemic. Hong Kong has reported 11,825 cases in total and 210 deaths.

The agreement states that the bubble would be suspended when the seven-day moving average of unlinked community cases in either Singapore or Hong Kong increases to more than five.

Previous attempts to launch the bubble, which was originally due to begin last November, were derailed by increased cases in Hong Kong.

Source: The Straits Times

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