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Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia credit cloud.shepherd on flickr

Kuta – Bali

Kuta in the south of Bali is mainly known for its long sandy beach with gentle waves and its lively nightlife and bars. It was one of the first tourist destinations in Bali.

One of the party central destinations in Southeast Asia, Kuta is popular with a young crowd and attracts many Australians during student breaks.

If you are looking for culture, traditional Balinese life or a relaxing, family-friendly break, then Kuta is probably not for you.

To borrow a British expression “It’s like Marmite”. You either love it or hate it.


The long, flat beach is a perfect spot for relaxing, sunbathing or even taking an early morning or late afternoon walk or jog. The water is generally clean, although at certain times of the year pollution is an issue.

Kuta Beach, Bali credit Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash

The beach is also an excellent place to watch one of the spectacular sunsets that Bali has to offer.


Kuta is well known for its long, consistent waves that makes it a surf paradise for many and is especially suited to beginners.

There are plenty of surf shops and huts that will sell or rent you surf clothes, boards and lessons.

Kuta Beach is a beach break with waves all the way along the 2km beach. If you are looking for a quiet spot, you will probably be able to find it if you compromise a little on wave quality and consistency.

Surfing on Kuta break in Bali, credit Curtis Foreman on flickr

Generally the waves are soft, waist to knee high runners. High tide is generally the best surfing time.

The busiest spot is around Halfway Kuta which is commonly regarded as the most consistent wave in the area that also break longer than at other spots on the beach. During low tide, bigger swells can provide waves for more experienced surfers.


Discovery Shopping Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Bali and features a beach-side location with an amphitheatre on Kuta beach. It is a large 3 floor mall with a large number of local and international shopping brands and a wide range of food and drink options from cheap and cheerful to fine dining.

Kuta Beach walking street (Jalan Pantai Kuta) is a one-way street that links to the main nightlife and shopping street in Legian. There are a plethora of small souvenir shops, beauty salons, spas, art kiosks, motorbike rentals and money changers.

Kuta, Bali credit Marufish on flickr


Loud, raucous, with cheap drinks on offer as bars and clubs fight for your currency. Bars and clubs will have a mix of DJ’s and live music catering for a number of different tastes although mainly focused on the younger crowd.

There is nothing subtle about the nightlife here.

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