Cambodia Hoping For Return Of International Tourism In 2021

The Cambodia Minister of Tourism has said that plans are being prepared to allow the return of significant numbers of international tourists by the end of 2021.

Main picture Kep, Cambodia credit Paul Szewczyk on Unsplash

We first reported on hopes for the relaxing of restrictions in April but now further information has come out of the country.

The Ministry of Tourism is planning on conducting a feasibility study that will establish the parameters for allowing vaccinated tourists, from low-risk countries back into the country. The plan would require employees in the tourism industry to be vaccinated.

“We will assess the quality of tourism services at all destinations and we will quickly establish tourism service standards in the context of COVID to ensure the safety and quality of each destination for guests.”

“Overall, in order to be ready to receive international (tourists), the first thing is to build trust with tourists, the second is the quality and service of tourism products and reasonable prices. The third is to facilitate travel for tourists through international gates.”

Thong Khon, Cambodia Ministry of Tourism

Around 6.6 million foreign tourists visited Cambodia in 2019, around 13% of Cambodian GDP. This fell by 80% to just 1.3 million last year as borders closed and restrictions were put in place.

Arrivals of foreign tourists fell by 93% in the first quarter of this year, typically peak season in the country. The majority of the visitors so far this year have been from Thailand.

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