Bali Deporting Misbehaving Tourists

Despite the much lower numbers of tourists to Bali during the pandemic, the Indonesian island deported 160 people last year, just 5 less than in pandemic-free 2019. There have been 60 deportations already this year.

Kuta, Bali credit Dennis Sylvester on flickr

In January this year Sergey Kosenko, a Russian influencer, was expelled from the island after posting videos of him and a group of friends partying without following Covid protocols and also riding his motorcycle off a dock into the sea.

Two more influencers, Josh Paler Lin a Taiwanese YouTuber and Leia Se from Russia, were deported after entering a supermarket with drawn-on face masks rather than the real thing.

Widespread worldwide media coverage followed the Kristen Gray deportation when she initially claimed her sexuality was behind the decision. Authorities said that her promotion on Twitter of an e-book that described how to bypass pandemic immigration controls was behind the move.

Despite restrictions in Indonesia and Bali, a number of tourists have found ways to enter the country and stay during the pandemic. However they have found that previous relaxed attitudes to bad behaviour have disappeared during the pandemic.

Source: CNA

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