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The largest of the the Gili Islands in Indonesia is Gili Trawangan.

Main picture by Federico Enni on Unsplash

Located off the coast of Lombok, close to Bali, Trawangan is quieter than its more famous neighbour and remains paradise.

The liveliest of the Gili Islands with more accommodation, dining and night-life options but never feels too busy or noisy.


Hop on a bike, or walk if you are feeling more energetic, and you can easily circumnavigate the island and explore the excellent beaches. The best beach is probably on the Southeast of the island but to be honest we are just being picky here. The beaches are all incredible.

Gili Trawangan Beach, Indonesia credit Khairol Izwan on Unsplash


A world class diving destination with options for beginners all the way through to the most experienced and adventurous divers.

The amount and diversity of marine life is truly incredible from the smallest creatures to spectacular and, much, larger fish.

Snorkelling with turtles in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia credit Miguel Machado on Unsplash

For those who do not want to go diving then snorkeling is an excellent alternative with stunning marine life around the coral reef just a short swim from the shore. The current can be strong at times so beware.

Explore the Island

Rent a bicycle and explore the island. Gili T is just 3km long by 2km wide and with no motorised vehicles is perfectly safe to explore on two wheels. The ride is just 2 hours but may take you much longer as you stop at beaches, cafes or the odd bar on your trip.

Head to the west of the island or up the hill for an incredible sunset. From the top of the island the view is incredible at most times of the day.

Horse riding is another excellent way to explore the island and ride along the beaches, there are horses suitable for all experience levels.

Gili Trawangan from the air, Indonesia credit Tandya Rachmat on Unsplash


Yoga is a popular activity on the island with a number of studios offering specialist activities.

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