Southeast Asia Twitter Week In Review 30th May

Gili Air, indonesia. Credit Chloe Taranto on Unsplash

We continue our series looking at the most interesting, entertaining and beautiful pictures and videos from throughout Southeast Asia. Last weeks roundup is available here.


Food throughout Southeast Asia is stunning. Exploring the food markets is an excellent way to discover new foods, ingredients and sample food that the locals eat.

Irrawaddy dolphins are found in coastal areas in South and Southeast Asia, and in three rivers: the Ayeyarwady (Myanmar), the Mahakam (Indonesian Borneo) and the Mekong.

The Mekong River Irrawaddy dolphins inhabit a 118-mile stretch of the river between Cambodia and Lao PDR and are scarce—just 92 individuals are estimated to still exist. These dolphins have a bulging forehead, short beak, and 12-19 teeth on each side of both jaws.

Far too many people miss out on visiting Phnom Penh when they visit Cambodia. It is well worth a few days exploration.


The Gili Islands are beautiful dots of paradise in Southeast Asia. They become even more incredible when you explore beneath the sea.

Indonesia is home to a number of sites of global significance on the development and evolution of man.

Two views of Bali.


We love Luang Prabang in Laos and are clearly not alone.


Just drink in this picture.


A 60 second Covid-19 test could be a game-changer in day to day life and especially the travel industry. At the moment most travellers have to take a PCR test prior to travel and often after arrival at a destination. The PCR test is often expensive and has to be sent to a lab for analysis which takes time, even with on-site testing.


Phuket is not just wonderful beaches, nightlife and temples. Take a trip to old town and discover the real Phuket.

Having said that, the beaches and sunsets should certainly not be missed.


I wish I knew where this picture was from in Vietnam


Like many Southeast Asia cities are incredibly busy, especially with motorbikes and mopeds.

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