Full Lockdown In Malaysia

After ruling out a new full lockdown, Malaysia prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin, yesterday imposed a two-week full movement control order (FMCO) lockdown.

Main picture Penang City Hall, Malaysia, credit Allen Warren on flickr

On 24th May a nationwide movement control order (MCO) was imposed in the hope that it would be enough to control the latest Covid-19 outbreak. The move was not welcomed by all with tourism leaders calling for a full FMCO lockdown to be imposed.

The FMCO means that only essential shops and medical facilities will be allowed to remain open, schools will be closed and just 2 people will be allowed to leave households, and then for essential reasons only.

Malaysia has now seen 579,462 cases and 2,867 deaths during the pandemic. However 40% of deaths occurred during May and last Sunday saw a record number of daily cases, more than 9,000, and deaths, 98.

Malaysia has more new cases per head of than any other large or medium-sized country in Asia.

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