Southeast Asia Twitter Week In Review 6th June

We continue our series looking at the most interesting, entertaining and beautiful pictures and videos from throughout Southeast Asia. Last weeks roundup is available here.


Most people visit Cambodia during the dry season, but the wet season offers its own delights.

This is simply a beautiful picture.


Speaking of wonderful pictures. Anyone fancy a trip to Bali?

I am guessing that much less of you will be interested in this Indonesian location. Don’t stand too close now.


So few people visit Laos but the trip is well worth it.


Now this is a road.


Pretty sure I would rather be swimming in that lagoon, but if you do want to keep dry this walkway is an excellent alternative.

Incredible video of a spectacular hornbill.

Another volvano, luckily this one was not being used as a tourist location.

More lagoon pics to make you wish you were ther.


The wonderful Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is a stunning location.


Most people think of Singapore as purely a city state but you need to remember the incredible beaches and green spaces.


In a “normal” year this beach would be packed for a sunset like this. The vast majority of people will be locals or Thai tourists.

We can’t wait to return to Thailand.

WARNING: this video is probably not for the faint hearted or vegetarian or vegans. Would you eat this?


Not your everyday holiday snap but a great shot of locals plying their trade.

Don’t forget play time for the children

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