Demand For Vietnam Travel Increases

The Covid-19 vaccination progress in Europe and North America is leading to more people becoming confident and willing to travel again and tourism operators in Vietnam are reporting increasing demand in the country.

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VNExpress is reporting that inbound travel agencies in Vietnam have been receiving increasing numbers of requests from travel partners enquiring about tourism products and prices, despite there being no confirmed relaxation of border controls in the country.

Travel operators are confident that international tourists will return quickly, when allowed, saying that travel companies in the U.K. have said that their customers will “immediately return” when allowed and German travellers are also keen to return.

The Vietnamese borders were closed to international travellers in March last year as the impact of the growing pandemic became apparent.

Since then only Vietnam nationals, diplomats, foreign experts, highly-skilled workers and investors have been allowed to enter the country and then with strict conditions and quarantine measures.

Vietnam is currently experiencing its worst outbreak since the start of the pandemic. However to date there have been “just” 9,917 cases and 55 deaths, figures that make many countries envious and gives travellers confidence in the safety to travel.

One of the key factors to Vietnam reopening to foreign tourists, and their confidence to travel, will be the vaccination progress in the Southeast Asia country.

To date around 1.3 million people have had at least one dose of a vaccine. More doses are due to arrive in the country in the coming months and the country continues to try to develop and manufacture doses in the Vietnam. However it is not yet clear how quickly the country can achieve sufficient deliver of inoculations to be confident to allow tourists into the country again.

One solution could be to restrict tourists to areas of the country where travel can be more easily controlled in a similar way to the Phuket Sandbox in Thailand due to begin next month.

If herd immunity could be achieved in a location such as Phu Quoc Island it may be possible to allow vaccinated travellers to visit without endangering the local population.

It is not clear if that is a measure currently being seriously considered however. It is likely many tourism destinations in the region will be watching the Phuket plan with close interest.

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