Southeast Asia Twitter Week In Review 13th June

We continue our series looking at the most interesting, entertaining and beautiful pictures and videos from throughout Southeast Asia. Last weeks roundup is available here.

Main picture Link Hoang on Unsplash


Many people, myself included, miss out on visiting the Angkor National Museum, yet for many it is one of the best in Cambodia.

It is easy to forget the Khmer Rouge rule between 1975 and 1979 and the 1.5 – 2 million deaths that resulted. The legacy continued however as landmines were placed throughout the country by Cambodian factions as well as the United States and the Coalition Government of Democratic Kampuchea during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Many have been killed and maimed by the landmines and efforts continue to locate and clear them with even rats being used.


If it’s good enough for National Geographic…

Stunning aerial pictures.

Excellent work to protect, rescue and release Orangutan in Indonesia. Read more on Orangutan in our article.


Now for the mandatory beautiful sunset.


Why aren’t all airports like this? I want a roller coaster to take you to the departure gate please.


It has been a tough year for tourism and especially for elephants and their owners in Thailand who have had little, or no income for over a year.

An excellent picture capturing Makha Bucha Day.

Pollution is a major issue in all built-up and tourism areas. Pollution in waterways and the sea, especially plastic waste, is a major issue to wildlife and the wider eco-system.

There were hopes that the pandemic may see less new pollution instead there have been increasing amounts of plastic waste, especially discarded face masks.

Ocean Cleanup are working to remove plastic waste from waterways and the ocean but it is early days and a massive task.

Phuket is still beautiful in many places.

Euro 2020, delayed from last year, has just begun and popularity of football (soccer to my American readers) among locals, travellers and expats mean that people are looking for the best places to watch games, many of which will take place in the early hours in Southeast Asia.


I don’t usually feature advertising pictures but it is the exception that proves the rule.

Too many people miss a good sunrise on their travels which can be as, if not more, spectacular than the sunset.

The things you see on your travels.

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