Blow To Pattaya Tourism Plans

The Bangkok Post is reporting that the Thai Public Health Ministry is unhappy with plans made by Pattaya to allow the town to reopen to vaccinated tourists later this year.

The “Pattaya, Move On” plan which we outlined in May would see international tourists return from the fourth quarter of 2021 with no need to quarantine on arrival. They would however need to remain in set districts for the the first 7 days before being allowed to travel more freely.

Concerns have been raised however as it would be difficult to ensure that visitors remained in the allowed areas, unlike in Phuket where restrictions can be more easily enforced.

Pattaya is now looking an alternative plan which would see a hotel quarantine for up to 5 days followed by allowing visitors to travel to approved locations, similar to the Koh Samui model.

Pattaya would need to inoculate at least 70% of its population before being allowed to begin any plan which would require around 900,000 vaccine doses.

Later today we launch our “Future of Travel” series where we look at what your travel experience may be like when international, global travel starts to become more accessible again.

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