Phuket Security Measures For Sandbox Tourists

Facial recognition cameras, smartphone and wristband tracking and screening will all be part of the tourism experience for foreign visitors to Phuket under the “Sandbox” programme.

Main picture Palai Bay, Phuket, Thailand credit Edwin Lee on flickr

The “Phuket Sandbox”, due to start on 1st July, will allow fully vaccinated travellers to visit the Thailand island without the need to quarantine. Further details and final confirmation of the scheme is expected on Friday although many details are already known.

Security checkpoints will be in place on the road connecting Phuket to the mainland to screen all foreign visitors arriving or leaving the island. Screening will laso take place at Phuket International Airport and three seaports.

Once visitors have entered Phuket they will be tracked, for at least the first 14 days, using the GPS tracking on a smartphone app as well as on a location-tracking wristband.

Facial recognition technology will be used to identify anyone trying to leave Phuket to travel to other areas of Thailand within the first 14 days of their trip.

It is believed that a number of measures are being considered to punish visitors who break the terms of their visit.

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