Vietnam Looking At Long Term Sustainable Tourism

The Vietnamese Prime Minister has approved a new planning task that will look at sustainable tourism within the country.

Main picture view from the Marble Mountains over Da Nang credit Andrew Magill on flickr

The plan will focus on environmental protection, how tourism and conservation can work harmoniously, sustainable development toward green growth and the impact of climate change.

The plan is designed to run for period 2021 – 2030 but will include a vision to 2045.

Vietnam has seen a number of recent conservation and sustainable tourism projects including in Quang Nam, Binh Dinh and Da Nang.

The plan will set a number of goals focused around future growth plans for current and potential tourism areas to help manage the sector and developments and ensure conservation, community engagement and sustainability are at the forefront.

Source: Vietnam+

Our series the Future of Travel looks at a number of factors affecting the travel and tourism industry including sustainable travel.

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