Chiang Mai Named World’s Best City For A Beautiful Bike Ride

The top 10 of the World’s Most Beautiful Cities according to Instagram Data featured Bristol, Cambridge and London in the UK, Miami in the US, Dublin in Ireland, Paris in France, Athens, Greece and Barcelona in Spain. One of the most famous cycling cities in the world, Amsterdam in Holland only made it into 11th place.

Main picture cycling through Chiang Mai credit Jan Beck on flickr

The norther Thai city of Chiang Mai however stormed into the number one spot.

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That is according to a MoneyBeach report which looked at over 120 popular tourist cities from around the world and used Instagram data to find how many images have been uploaded to the platform, in relation to cycling in the specific city.

With over 6,400 hashtags on Instagram, Chiang Mai had significantly less images shared under its cycling hashtags than second placed Miami, but its relatively small square footage placed it firmly in first place – with 161 cycling images shared per square kilometre!

The breathtaking mountainous surrouns and cycling-friendly city has seen the cycling scene here has blown up in recent years.

The #ChiangMaiCycling hashtag is flooded with images of cyclists enjoying the Inthanon Challenge, where each year cyclists eagerly race 47km to the top of Doi Inthanon, standing 2,595m above sea level – the highest point in all of Thailand


Chiang Mai used to be the capital of the Lanna Thai Kingdom and remains one of the most culturally significant parts of the country. With its high elevation it sees cooler temperatures than the rest of the Thai tropical climate and its stunning mountain roads makes it a cyclist’s dream.

If the elevation and mountain bike routes are too much for you, you can take a spin around the city itself and visit some of the impressive, ancient temples that remain standing to this day.

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