New Plans To Reopen Pattaya To Tourists

Tourist associations in Pattaya, Thailand, have submitted plans to the governor of Chon Buri province, for the reopening of the town to foreign tourists.

Main picture Pattaya Beach, Thailand credit Ralf Skirr on Unsplash

A number of tourist locations in Thailand have looked to follow the lead of Phuket in having plans approved for the return of foreign tourists.

Koh Samui for example is expected to open as part of a “Sealed Route” with Phuket on 15th July.

For any area to reopen at least 70% of the population, and 100% of the service sector, must have been inoculated against Covid-19. Each province must also set up an administration centre in association with the Tourism and Sports Ministry and Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

These measures are designed to ensure that consistent procedures are followed as the country looks to meet the ambitious 120 day deadline for the return of normal tourism, announced last week by the Thai Prime Minister.

Pattaya Sealed Route

The tourist organisations inn Pattaya have submitted a Sealed Route plan as part of the larger Pattaya Move On plan.

The plan would allow vaccinated tourists to travel across Bang Lamung and Sattahip districts, as long as they follow strict procedures and safeguards.

Similar procedures to those required in Phuket and Samui would also be followed although the area is harder to control due to being on the mainland.

If all goes to plan, Pattaya would start to reopen on 1st August.

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