Vietnam And Singapore Look At Travel Bubble

Vietnam and Singapore are discussing relaxation of travel restrictions between the two countries for business trips and leisure trips to selected areas.

Main picture Hue, Vietnam credit dronepicr on flickr

The plans are dependent on the inoculation programme in Vietnam, at the moment just 2% have been vaccination.

While they wait for progress in Vietnam to speed up the countries are looking at procedures to recognise each others vaccination certificates and test results.

At the present time travellers from Vietnam to Singapore have to complete a 14-day quarantine in dedicated facilities on arrival. They would also need to take Covid tests on the third, seventh and eleventh day after arrival. 

Singapore have had discussions with a number of countries and territories over the creation of travel bubbles and travel corridors.

Vietnam has been closed to foreign visitors since March last year and do not currently allow visitors from any country apart from diplomats, investors, experts and skilled workers.

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