Incredible New Bangkok Buddha Statue Nears Completion

When foreign tourists return to Bangkok, hopefully later this year, thy will have a new landmark visible from much of the city.

Main picture Phra Buddha Dhammakāya Thepmongkhon statue credit Reuters

The Royal Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen temple on the outskirts of Bangkok dates back to 1610 and is located on a island created by canals flowing from the Chao Phraya river. It has been building a brand new 69-metre-tall (230 ft) Buddha statue since 2017, which is now nearing completion.

The Phra Buddha Dhammakāya Thepmongkhon statue, made of copper and painted gold, sits in a seated lotus posture.

The statue has been built to honour Buddhism but also to former abbot Luang Pu Sodh Candasaro who helped develop the temple as a renowned centre for meditation.

The cost of US$16 million has been met through donations.

Phra Buddha Dhammakāya Thepmongkhon statue under construction in Bangkok, credit Farang Rak Tham Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License

Despite still being under construction, the statue has already been credited with attracting double the number of visitors to the temple than usual. Many more are expected once it is completed.

Although work is very near to ending, the official opening may be delayed until 2022, due to the Covid-19 poandemic.

The tallest Buddha statue in Thailand is the Phra Buddha Maha Nawamin statue in Ang Thong province that is 92 metres high.

Source: Reuters

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