Bali To Enter New Lockdown

The Indonesian government has announced that parts of Java and Bali will have increased restrictions from 3rd July following a surge in new Covid-19 cases.

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The new restrictions, which will last until at least 20th July, will see all shopping malls, trading centres, places of worships, public spaces, and sports facilities closed.

Restaurants will only be allowed to serve takeaways and markets and supermarkets must close by 8pm.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has been growing rapidly in the last few days because of the new variant, which has also been causing problems in many countries. The situation requires us to take more assertive measures in order to stem the spread of Covid-19.”

Joko Widodo, Indonesia President

Vaccine Tourism

The news of the lockdown is likely to delay plans from the Indonesia government to promote vaccine tourism on Bali for domestic tourists.

The plan is intended to help boost the uptake of vaccines in Indonesia as well as helping the Bali tourist economy.

The trips will include at least a 14-day hotel stay and two vaccinations.

“We are targeting domestic tourists because according to our observation, Indonesians are attracted to vaccine tour packages offered in other countries, including the US.”

Sandiaga Uno, Indonesia Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy

Indonesia has seen a number of people travelling outside of the country, especially to the US, to access vaccinations and it is hoped that this plan will encourage people to stay within Indonesia.

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