Confusion Over Phuket Sandbox Entry

Last weekend we published details of changes to the Phuket Sandbox entry list of countries.

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This was based on the Thai Ministry of Health website which had published an updated list. Any “high-risk” countries on this list would not be allowed entry into the Sandbox.

This was the site that the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) had stated was the “official” list in its official press release.

However TAT has now updated its guidance and has also now published a list on its website. The two lists do not correspond with each other, meaning that countries deemed high-risk on the Ministry list, including France and the UK, are listed as permissible countries on the TAT list.

The Ministry of Health list is dated after the TAT list, which may suggest that the TAT information may be updated at some point.

We have sought clarification from a number of sources but have yet to receive an official reply.

We have therefore updated our Phuket Sandbox information page to emphasise the existence of the two, conflicting, sources of information. We would advise all prospective travellers who may be affected to contact their local embassy.

We will update you again when we receive more information.

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