Thai Temple Accused Of Being Angkor Wat Copy

The Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has requested that the Cambodian Consulate in Thailand investigates the construction of a new temple in Thailand, which has been claimed is a copy of the iconic Angkor Wat.

Main picture Sihanakhon temple credit Surachai Piraksa / Bangkok Post

The Sihanakhon temple is currently being constructed in the Buri Ram province of Thailand, around 300 kilometres from Bangkok.

Officials inspected the complex on Wednesday following complaints from increasing numbers of people in Cambodia.

#SaveAngkorWat and #Angkorwatbelongtokhmer have been trending on Twitter as Cambodians protest against the construction of the temple.

However the abbot behind the construction has denied that the temple is copying Angkor Wat or any other religious site. Somsak Sungwarajitto is reported to have told told the visiting delegation that the project was born of his imagination and vision.

Wat Plu Man Fah abbot Somsak Sungwarajitto credit Surachai Piraksa / Bangkok Post

The Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has confirmed that it was monitoring the project as “It is built according to the layout itself and designed according to the architecture of some of the temples in the area… The Ministry will work and monitor this work closely.”

The temple is a cast concrete and steel construction with a sandstone outer layer.

The abbot has said that he was building the complex as a new religious attraction and not a replica of Angkor Wat.

Source: Bangkok Post and Khmer Times

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