Singapore Travel Bubbles Delayed

Singapore has been working throughout the pandemic to put into place Travel Corridors or Travel Bubbles with countries and territories with low numbers of Covid-19.

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Unfortunately the plans have been continually delayed due further outbreaks of the virus both in Singapore and in partner countries.

Today we have news of further delays to two significant travel arrangements.

Australia Travel Bubble

Singapore had hoped to launch its travel bubble with Australia in July or August but the Covid-19 outbreak in Sydney and delayed vaccination progress in the country has delayed the plans.

It is now highly unlikely that the Australia travel bubble will begin until the end of the year at the earliest.

“When it comes to when we were looking at a bubble, it has been put back due to the third wave of the virus.”

“It’s very difficult to put a time frame on it but when you look at the plan that Singapore has put in place, and you put it alongside the plan that the prime minister has announced, the hope might be towards the end of the year that you could look at a travel bubble with Singapore.”

“If we are able to open up next year, you would expect that you’re probably looking at 12 months or two years where this is going to be part of what you’re doing, it (vaccine passports) could be like the little yellow booklet for yellow fever.”

Dan Tehan, Australia Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment – Nine Entertainment newspapers

Australia has found itself lagging behind many parts of the world in the vaccination programme despite, or possibly because of, the general success in the country containing cases of the virus. Around 9% of Australians are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Hong Kong Travel Corridor

Originally due to begin in November last year, the travel corridor with Hong Kong has already been delayed three times.

An announcement regarding the arrangements was due today but has now been cancelled. At the present time it is not known when a further announcement may be made.

Last week there were calls from within Hong Kong to cancel the plans due to the Singapore stance of “learning to live with Covid-19” rather than the Hong Kong goal of Covid-Zero.

Source: TraveldailyMedia

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