Phuket Sealed Off But Tourism Sandbox Goes On

The governor of Phuket has ordered the island to be sealed off from the rest of Thailand to help prevent the further spread of Covid-19, as the country struggles with increasing cases.

Picture Phuket beach scene credit Dennis Sylvester Hurd on flickr

From 3rd August travellers from other Thai provinces will be prohibited from entering the island in an effort to ensure that the Phuket Sandbox will be allowed to continue. The only exceptions will be fully vaccinated students, emergency medical services and those transporting essential goods.

The measures have been implemented as part of a “Save Phuket Sandbox, Save Thailand” programme.

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, has confirmed the intention to continue with the Phuket Sandbox, although stricter measures will be imposed to ensure its survival.

It is believed that more businesses and activities that could contribute to the spread of Covid-19 will be closed for the period 3rd to 16th August.

“We do not want to shut the island again after just reopening, so we have to elevate preventive measures and reduce some activities in order to save Phuket, the sandbox and the country.”

Narong WunSiew, Phuket Provincial Governor

The island has seen an increase in cases but these are being blamed on infections elsewhere in Thailand rather than tourists. Around 30 tourists entering in the sandbox have tested positive for coronavirus and have been forced to quarantine.

Between 300 and 400 tourists are arriving in Thailand each day, on average, as part of the sandbox. However there are fears that the scheme will be hit as future bookings are not increasing amid fears of the virus situation in Thailand.

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