Delay Feared For Pattaya Tourism Reopening

Districts in Pataya, Thailand have been working on the “Pattay Move On” project which planned for the return of foreign tourists from 1st September. Local officials now fear that this will not now be possible.

Main picture Pattaya by night credit Kushal Patel on Unsplash

The reopening plan, part of the wider Thailand Reopening schedule which has also seen a delay risk in Chiang Mai, would see two Pattaya districts, welcoming back tourists. Tourists would need to stay in Alternate Local Quarantine venues for the first six days in either Bang Lamung or Sattahip and would then be able to travel on “sealed routes” from day 7.

Chon Buri Province, which includes Pattaya, is one of the worst hit areas of Thailand during the current Covid-19 outbreak and is one of the “Dark Red” zones which have the strictest restrictions. A further 1,235 new cases and 12 deaths were recorded in Chon Buri on Saturday alone.

It is not just concerns over the Covid situation that puts the plans at risk however. In line with other areas of the country, Pattaya must see at least 70% of the local population vaccinated against Covid-19. The city however is well behind in delivering the required doses of the vaccine, with just 33% so far inoculated.

The number of hotels and tour operators in the area to have received the required Safety and Health Administration (SHA) Plus certificate is also very low with a number still awaiting for approval.

Source: Bangkok Post

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