Direct Flights Planned To Boost Hua Hin Tourism In Thailand

Hua Hin in Thailand has been a very popular destination with Thai tourists but has yet to become a mainstream, primary destination for many foreign tourists.

Main picture Hua Hin, Thailand credit Dominic Rivard on flickr

The majority of tourists arriving in Hua Hin, and neighbouring Cha Am, will arrive in other areas of Thailand prior to traveling to the area. Many will arrive by train or bus from Bangkok while others arrive by boat, primarily from Koh Samui and other Gulf of Thailand islands.

The availability of more international flights is seen as being key in increasing international tourism in the future and discussions are now taking place with airlines. Currently international travellers are served through Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

“When Hua Hin airport becomes fully international, it will make travel more convenient for foreign tourists when they come. It will strengthen tourism competitiveness for local business operators and communities.” 

Udorn Olsson, advisor Transport Ministry

Hua Hin is focusing on short-haul markets, especially those within a 5 hour flight time, including China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Singapore.

“We are reviewing plans for arrival for the short and longer term. A series of agreements will be announced over the next few weeks. Our strategic plan is to build deep relationships with HK and Singapore, who provide us access to global markets, with China and India being direct domestic markets.”

John Laroche, CEO of Phoenix Group

Discussions are believed to be currently being undertaken with Jetstar Asia, Scoot, China Express, Greater Bay Airlines and Go First.

Hua Hin, Thailand credit Q U I on Unsplash
Scoot aircraft credit Masataka Moto on flickr

Hua Hin is hoping to be able to attract 1 million international tourists in the next three years and increased international flights is seen as being key to this plan.

Hua Hin Recharge hopes to see the return of international tourists from 1st October.

Source: Travel Daily Media

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