Hua Hin Recharge Transport Dilemma

The Hua Hin Recharge scheme, part of the wider Thailand Reopening, is due to begin on 1st October. However getting tourists to the area is more of a problem than areas already opened like Phuket and Koh Samui.

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Hua Hin airport currently has no scheduled flights arriving and even then is only capable of handling smaller planes than other airports.

Negotiations have been reported with a number of airlines to begin international, short-haul, flights once the Recharge is up and running. Flights from Phuket will be required to allow travellers to visit under the 7+7 Extension unless a suitable overland route is established.

The only other alternative presently cited for travelling to Hua Hin is via a non-stop journey in a vehicle from Suvarnabhumi airport.

Prior to the pandemic many people would travel to Hua Hin by train from Bangkok or ferry from Koh Samui but these are seen to be insecure and too much of a health risk at the present time.

Solving the transport issues to Hua Hin will be key in ensuring that the desired number of international tourists visit the area.

The vaccine rollout in Hua Hin is progressing well with 73.4% of the population receiving one dose and 24% being fully vaccinated by 4th September.

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