Confirmation Of Vietnam Tourism Reopening

Yesterday we reported that plans were underway to reopen Phu Quoc in Vietnam to international tourists from October. Those plans have now been confirmed following an official statement.

Main picture snorkelling off Phu Quoc credit Zoe Shuttleworth on flickr

The Phu Quoc Sandbox tourism pilot is expected to run for 6 months and will allow fully vaccinated travellers, with a negative Covid-19 test, to fly to the island. Like in the Phuket Sandbox, visitors will also have to undergo further Covid tests after arrival.

“The prolonged pandemic has seriously hurt the tourism industry.”

Nguyen Van Hung, Vietnam Tourism and Culture Minister

The plan is to ensure that all residents in Phu Quoc before welcoming the first arrivals under the scheme. The official statement emphasised that there were no community infections on the island and that quarantine and treatment facilities were sufficient to accommodate tourists.

They are hoping that the pilot will attract between 2 and 3 million foreign tourists during the pilot.

Vietnam was one of the first countries to completely lockdown their borders in March 2020 and had managed to contain outbreaks for the majority of the pandemic.

The country has however seen a surge in infections over the last 3 months with 482,498 of the total 571,746 cases recorded in that period. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) has been a particular hotspot for new Covid-19 infections.

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