Direct Flights Between USA and Vietnam Starting Soon

Vietnam airlines Bamboo Airways and flag carrier Vietnam Airlines have both announced plans to launch long-awaited, scheduled direct flights between Vietnam and the U.S.

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There have been desires to operate direct flights between the two countries for many years but a number of obstacles have always prevented the move.

The limited number of prospective travellers, especially those willing to fly business or first class, has meant that flights would rely on large numbers of economy flyers.

The U.S. has also been a tough nut to crack as getting licenses to operate must comply with highly stringent safety regulations.

The vast distance between the two countries has always been a barrier. Although the aircraft to fly the large distances have been available, none would have been economically viable. However the introduction of more economic, long-range Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 aircraft has prompted the airlines to make their move.

There are plans to launch the Phu Quoc Sandbox to welcome back international tourists to Vietnam from next month.

Bamboo Airways

The airline has announced plans for 12 return flights between 23rd September and November.

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Flights are planned between Hanoi and Da Nang and San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle-Tacoma. They plan to operate Boeing 787-9 aircraft and indications are that it will include all three flight classes.

The airline has submitted a request to run more routes, via Taipei, Osake and Nagoya to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle-Tacoma, New York and Dallas / Fort Worth. They are also hoping to continue flights into Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver in Canada. The one or multi-stop trips would make the flights more economically viable for the airline.

Vietnam Airlines

The state-owned carrier has had the desire to operate to the U.S. for most of this century and finally it looks as if they will meet that goal.

The airline plans to start flights between Ho Chi Minh City and San Francisco, via a refueling stop, from next month on either Boeing 787 or Airbus SE A350 aircraft.

vietnam Airlines jet credit Simon Clancy on flickr

Further details of the full route and classes have not yet been announced. However the airline has stated that cargo will be the initial primary income generator until passenger demand increases sufficiently.

Source: VNExpress International & Simple Flying

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